The Benefits of Charisma

The benefits of charisma are not to be taken lightly or dismissed with the thought that either you have it or you don’t.

Charisma isn’t a strictly inherited characteristic; it can be learned; it can be studied and practiced until it becomes part of one’s persona. The process isn’t difficult, but it does require a commitment. The benefits of charisma can be life-changing, depending on the intensity of one’s sense of purpose and the way it is utilized. Fidel Castro had it and used it to control a nation. Che Guevara, who grew up poor, in a simple lifestyle, created a legacy that still inspires.

It behooves one to apply it with sincerity and common sense. But, once learned, the benefits of being charismatic can go a long way towards self-accomplishment and social connectivity.

If you have a business, your charismatic personality will bring your personality closer to your customers’ hearts.

If you are a religious leader, whether it be in a community or a larger area, charisma can mean a higher attendance for your place of worship.

To be charismatic is to be friendly, affable, sincere, and sensitive, with an obvious willingness to try to understand and relate to every person you meet. You’ll make them feel like they’ve known you all their life, or wish they had. Your eyes and smile will reassure them. Your voice can calm or incite them.

To be an effective leader is to be an effective listener. Being a good listener puts you in an implied leadership position. You become the adviser that takes it all in and provides comfort and hope. Even actors, those who are ascribed to being charismatic, affect it with their eyes, their smile, or their voice. John Wayne, at least on film, was charismatic. The benefits of being charismatic made Jimmy Stewart a legend, even though he portrayed the common man.

The benefits of charisma can be learned. However, remember that it demands sincerity and commitment. Faked charisma is not effective, nor will it ever be successfully incorporated into your personality.

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